Hi there, we are Unlocking Venus

Amy-Impara-Gregory created Unlocking Venus in realizing that some women have lost sight of their true selves in the shadow of their own fears and the fears of other people’s opinions, expectations, and judgments. That the world is different now. It feels weird, and scary sometimes.

Beautiful, yet fear-fueled, in those private 3:00 AM moments where an inner ugly voice can roar, “Just who do you think you are? You’re not good enough, you don’t do enough, no one will ever love you, and how dare you think you can.”

It’s all fear-based noise that keeps women stuck, and unable to get over the fear of creating a life that exceeds any wildest dream (even if you don’t know what your wildest dream is just yet!)

So, one evening, sitting cross-legged on my patio and pouring another glass of Chardonnay, Amy started talking with her girlfriends about being intentionally fearless. Intentionally fearless? Yes! It’s knowing you can have fear in your head, AND you can still rise above the fear taking steps to move past it and into confidence. Not just any sort of generic confidence, but the glowing confidence of knowing how worthy you are down into your soul. Your ideas, dreams, and desires truly matter.

Amy uses 30 years of results-driven coaching with over 50,000 lives in over 30 countries positively impacted by her coaching skills. Amy has achieved international accolades and awards for coaching diverse populations.

Please consider this invitation to join a growth community where a life-long collaboration is the first step to living the life of your dreams. It’s like instant BFF status, with soul fuel to rise above any fear. We can’t wait to get to know you!!