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Who is Venus?

Venus is a Roman goddess from mythology. You’ve probably heard of her. But did you know that Venus is a symbol of female empowerment and pride in being unapologetically feminine, sexual, passionate, fierce and brave. She represents all the facets of being feminine without shame or reserve. And most importantly, she symbolizes LOVE.

You can unlock your inner Venus. She’s in there, waiting to be free.

Maybe it’s a small inkling. A tiny tug at your heart when sitting at the red light, waiting to make a left turn into Starbucks. Or, maybe it’s when you wake up at 3:00 AM and this tiny weed of a thought sprouts up and comes into your still dreamy consciousness.

This. Is. Worry. Worry instantly leads to fear. Does any of this sound familiar?

I began to have this inkling that
I was no longer living MY life.
I was living a life solely devoted
to the people around me.

~Orene, current Unlocking Venus client

We can help. We are here to ensure that moving forward, the life you live is FULLY your life. A life designed around your wants, needs, and desires, so that you can live a life on your terms with outcomes you choose.

You join a circle of women feeling and experiencing the same thing. We call it The Circle. We walk the path of uncovering, discovering, and realizing together. You have an instant BFF circle of women ready to cheer on your every move toward being intentionally fearless and living your best life.

And our experiences, tools, and resources silence that 3:00 AM voice, so that you can step unapologetically into crafting a life you want to live where success in relationships, at home and at work, brings confidence and joy. Plus, they are built around what YOU want and need.

The beauty of all this? Your career gets better, relationships, marriages, parenting, and friendships all begin to thrive because you will be choosing to step away from scarcity and fear.

It’s time we connect. The time is NOW to become your best version of yourself, to become Intentionally Fearless.

Becoming Intentionally Fearless Program

The Program includes:

6 Virtual Sessions PLUS 2 Bonus Sessions

A total of 8 sessions led by wellness experts including Moving from Worry to Wonder, Self-Limiting Beliefs and Fears, Manifesting the Life You Want, Forgiveness, and more!
What makes this program different? You will be part of a circle of 8-15 women who will support each other and go on this journey together.

Move from
“What If” (Fear)
“As If” (Growth)
“I Am” (Peace)

6 sessions with 2 bonus sessions

Total of 8 sessions covering mindfulness, meditation, manifestation, and more!

The Circle

Be part of a circle of amazing women who will support each other through the journey to living their best lives

50 years

50 years of combined experience from multiple experts in life and business coaching, meditation, mindfulness, and other modalities.

Experienced leaders

Led by experienced and certified leaders in life coaching, business coaching, meditation, and mindfulness who have helped thousands of women unlock their inner Venus.